Sociological Perspectives


Recommended Video: Three Perspectives

The Power Point relates to the short PBS Newshour video “As Humans and Computer Merge: Immortality?” The theme is futuristic and predicts that immortality is realistically possible by 2029. After viewing the video students are asked how each of the perspectives would guide an analysis of this kind of future. Examples of how sociologists from each perspective would view this new reality are provided. There are notes below each slide. To view simply choose "view" and then select "notes page".

Interactive Questions: Three Perspectives

Purpose: Read the news headline and identify to which one of the three perspectives that headline best applies or informs-Functionalist, Conflict, Symbolic Interaction. While a headline may apply to more than one perspective, one perspective usually stands out as most relevant. A review of how students vote should reveal that most students see one of the perspectives as especially applicable. The questions are formatted to be copied and pasted (all at once) into the system. Once you have created an account, simply choose "create poll" and paste all questions into dialogue box. Scroll to the bottom of questions (reviewing them as you go) and click "create".

  1. “The Big Business of Border Control--The Border Control Industry in Arizona is Flourishing More Than Ever” (Mother Jones -June 2012). Functionalist, Symbolic Interaction, Conflict
  2. “Politicians Warning of Dangers along the Border Sometime Swing Into Town (Nogalas Arizona) But Just Long Enough For A Photo-Op [With The Border Fence In the Background]” (Los Angeles Times -June 10, 2012). Functionalist, Symbolic Interaction, Conflict
  3. “New Border Walls Flooding Texas Towns--The U.S. Border Wall that Separated Them Acted as a Dam--Water Reached the Tops of Doorframes on the Mexican Side” (Allvoices Jul 12 2012). Functionalist, Symbolic Interaction, Conflict
  4. “Stories Wanted about How has the US-Mexico Border Intersected Your Life --Send Us Your Stories of the Fence through Our Public Insight Network Query and Help inform Our Story” (The Bay Citizen - Jul 13 2012). Functionalist, Symbolic Interaction, Conflict
  5. “Rise In Border Rescues as Human Smugglers Transport Migrants Through More Dangerous Terrain and in More Extreme Weather Conditions” (Fox News- June 2012). Functionalist, Symbolic Interaction, Conflict
  6. To which of the three perspectives are you most drawn? Functionalist, Conflict, Symbolic interaction